$1 school project



What is $1 school project ?,

2018 as only started and I was not expecting to travel more than last year. Somehow my heart tells me I want to do more to help others. So, recently I went to Phayartaung Monastery and Charity Youth Development Centre in Myanmar. Most of the children are girls, I saw how hard they were studying. Day and night, they were trying to remember the lesson that they have learned.

Their English teacher Ms Juju (volunteer teacher) Kindly allowed me to join her classes. She teaches English with simple methods by singing songs, storytelling, and watching movies so it’s easier for the children understand. Ms Juju managed to raise a crowdfund of SG $2000 within a month from her friends and family, with this amount she built small library. We all know how important education is and I believe consistent funding is better than one time donation.

Therefore we (Yogabar and I) will be launching a $1 school project. For every member who book a class with us, we will collect $1 per class fee to donate to promote education to rural area which we visited. We will start this program from April 2018. We are also collecting books/text books in good condition or new, members can simply bring it to our studio whenever they come.


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Fall in love with yoga which help me creating my own space and cooling down my hot head. Freelance yoga instructor. Experience as Hatha yoga instructor since 2006. Certified of RYS 200hr yoga instructor founder of Yogabar in Singapore. Love food and enjoy cakes

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