I always had an undying passion for sports. Since moving to Singapore, I have been actively participating in a myriad of activities; none of which appealed to her. Things took a turn when I  signed up for yoga classes with a non-commercial organisation that gradually saw my progressing to become a volunteer instructor. During this time, I was also professionally trained in yoga therapy to handle the student with various health issues like heart diseases, bronchitis, diabetes and spine issues.

I continued my dedication with the organisation providing free teaching for 8 years while juggling a full-time job. Eventually, deciding to pursue the RYS-200hr with Tirisula Yoga in order to teach professionally.

With my daily practice of asana, pranayama, mudras, and meditation, I offer a holistic training for the mind, body and soul. I practice embody the words of BKS. Iyengar that “The yogi never neglects or mortifies the body or the mind, but cherishes both. To him, the body is not an impediment to his spiritual liberation not it is the cause of its fall but is an instrument of attainment.”

My classes are full of joy, happiness, mindfulness. I am particularly conscious of people not getting hurt from yoga and give personal attention to each and every student in her classes.

Certification: RYS-200hr with Tirisula Yoga, Level I Reiki, Yoga therapy train by Nikam guru yogakutir.

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